These Violent Delights review

Where to even start with this book. It was everything I ever wanted in a Romeo and Juliet retelling and MORE. I love that it was set in the 1920s Shanghai, it’s such a decadent setting that I rarely read about despite how interesting I find it. The atmosphere of the book and setting was just so entrancing and it pulled me right in from the start. But the CHARACTERS, oh boy were they something. It took less than 70 pages for me to fall completely in love with Juliette. She’s everything I love in a main character and I just have to say thank you so much to Chloe Gong for writing her. She was such an intriguing character to read about and her inner turmoil about her wondering if she even belonged anywhere were just so potent and something I found was quite relatable. She’s such a great morally ambiguous character and I loved every single time she walked onto the page. Roma. What a lovely character. He certainly made an entrance during his first appearance in the book. Can I just say the chemistry between Roma and Juliette is UNREAL. I loved each and every scene they had together, I was grinning like a fool whenever they’d interact. I really enjoyed reading about her cousin Kathleen, but her sister not so much… I also loved Roma’s little crew consisting of him, Marshall and Benedikt. They were such a great trio and I love them so much. Especially Marshall, he’s just so…ahhhhhhh. There’s more about those two that I want to say but I can’t without spoiling things.

The last 18 chapters had me so stressed I was just standing in my living room reading with one of my hands covering my mouth in shock(?)/stress, and that ending. So much was happening so it’s not like I could put the book down. I needed to know what would happen next. The ending had me reeling, I was so mind blown I had to take a while to gather my thoughts. This book is definitely one that should be on everyone’s TBR list. It’s honestly such a engaging book and one that you wouldn’t regret reading. I cannot wait for the next book, I’m so excited!!


4 thoughts on “These Violent Delights review

  1. I’m reading These Violent Delights right now and am loving it!! I’m about 120 pages in and am hoping to finish it by the end of the week. The writing is INCREDIBLE and I can’t wait to get further into the story because I know everything is going to become so intense.

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